Orthodontic Nursing

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Post Reg Sep16 to Sep17 Exam Schedule  | Post Reg Sep17 to Mar19 Exam Schedule

The NEBDN Orthodontic Dental Nursing Certificate is one of our post-registration qualifications aimed at those qualified dental nurses in specialist practice where skills and knowledge over and above basic dental nursing training would be advantageous in the workplace.

Upon registering with us through your chosen course provider, you will be issued with a Record of Experience which must be completed during your training period. This will evidence your competence at the various clinical duties that you carry out day to day.

There is also a theoretical learning related to the subject. This covers the biological background to Orthodontics and encompasses the various appliances used today and how to maintain them. This qualification also emphasises the medico-legal aspects of treatment and the importance of good communication between patient and dental team.

Successful completion of this qualification will enhance your professional development and should give you and your employer a considerable increase of confidence in your abilities.