Dental Sedation Nursing

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Post Reg Sep16 to Sep17 Exam Schedule Post Reg Sep17 to Mar 19 Exam Schedule

Few things in dental nursing can be as rewarding as helping an adult patient paralysed by fear accept their first treatment or seeing a child beaming with pride as they leave the surgery when they had arrived in tears. In the UK thousands of patients every year turn to conscious sedation to do just that.

It takes a special kind of person to maintain a caring yet professional attitude, whilst remaining focused on clinical monitoring and keeping calm in stressful situations. That person is the Dental Sedation Nurse and you deserve recognition of your skills.

Assisting in the care of patients under conscious sedation is an additional skill under the GDC’s ‘Scope of Practice’ and requires registrants to be able to demonstrate that they have the theoretical knowledge and competent practical skills for the role they undertake and yet currently only 10% of dental nurses working with sedation hold a relevant qualification.

If you are one of the other 90% then the NEBDN Certificate in Dental Sedation Nursing is for you.