Certificate in Dental Implant Nursing

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Implant Dentistry is a highly advanced, specialised dental skill which is increasing in popularity across the UK and overseas. It combines surgical skills with restorative expertise to help rebuild the dentition that may have been lost due to trauma, caries or malignancy. These cases require meticulous planning and exacting standards to ensure a result that makes patients feel they are regaining what they have lost.

Dentists in this field require a high calibre dental nursing support team capable of dealing with the many challenging aspects of implantology and patient care. Dental Implant Nursing is a new and exciting field of dentistry, in which qualified dental nurses are rightly recognised as a major part of the care team.

The role of the dental implant nurse includes surgical and restorative assistance during the many stages of implant treatment. As such, you need to have an enhanced knowledge of dental anatomy and physiology to allow understanding of the implant biomechanics. Having the ability to communicate effectively with patients to explain these complex treatments will become easier with this enhanced knowledge.

We are delighted to offer this brand new Certificate in Dental Implant Nursing qualification which sets a very high standard of education in this relatively new, yet rapidly growing, area of dentistry. Dental nurses who undertake this new qualification will be highly sought after as implantology becomes a part of mainstream dental practice.

The NEBDN Certificate in Dental Implant Nursing is a very practical qualification which is supported by a rigorous Record of Competence. By achieving this qualification you will demonstrate to any future employers that you have had significant training in all the components of implant treatment.